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My significant experiences in the world of design, architecture and luxury brought me, almost by chance, closer to the international real estate sector in 2008.

Today, my work, based on a creative and rational approach, focuses mainly on the selection of real estate compendia and requalification opportunities in Italy and on the general coordination of the sales positioning phases. I also deal with investor relations and negotiation.

I am naturally attracted by all issues concerning human being, his evolution and his creative capacity. I like to follow projects and researches that investigate the Italian and in general the human creative talent and its implications in the world.

Partner for Central Europe market

Foto Nicole

After working in leading positions of international companies in Germany and abroad for many years, I found the job of my dreams in 2004 - the profession of a real estate specialist.

As I have always been enthusiastic about architecture and real estate, I dared the step towards self-employment and got to know the sector down to the last detail by working with a franchise real estate agency in Munich.

My genuine love for Mediterranean countries and my pleasure in working with people laid the foundation for my work as a professional real estate specialist in Italy. I have been working with Avrai Leisure since 2012 and I am not only pleased about our first-class estate objects but also, and most importantly, our satisfied customers.

It has become my passion to find the right property in Italy for our valued clients. It requires creativity, empathy, organizational talent and flexibility.

Every property in Italy is unique - just like every single person.

Sales specialist

foto Siegfried

After a long experience as CEO of the family company, I approached the world of luxury and Italian style creating the global commercial network for a shipbuilding company.

My ongoing search for new professional challenges and the desire to share my knowledge of Italian excellence in a broader way, has led me to approach the world of real estate through Avrai Leisure, a company that has made Italian Way of Living its distinctive character.

My empathy and natural curiosity towards the other have found their expression in those activities that I am most likely to pursue during my free time: travelling, hosting and being hosted by unknown people from all over the world, learning martial arts and volunteering.

Customer Care Specialist

foto Valentina

My linguistic education and desire to travel led me to live outside the Italian borders for several years. During my stay abroad, I have been able develop my language abilities, to learn to interact with different cultures and to increase my communication skills.

Life abroad has increased my love for Italy, making me more aware of the value of the Made in Italy in the world, of which I have always been a proud ambassador. Today, my task at Avrai Leisure is to take care of my customers from the very first contact, making their shopping experience a pleasant and enjoyable experience, showing them one of the qualities that most distinguish Italians in the world: hospitality.

Together with my passion for travel, I am interested in "on the road" photography and curiosity about the customs and traditions of other cultures, as well as the practice of yoga, trying to apply its teachings in everyday life.