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The purchase of a property is a very important and delicate step for the customer, during which he will face the Italian bureaucracy, which is not complicated but requires specific knowledge. For this reason we support our customers by providing them with our experience, ensuring strict supervision during the purchasing process.

Avrai Leisure will take care of:

Supervising/updating the state of work, certifications: we carefully monitor the state of renovation/construction of buildings in order to keep our customers constantly updated, also ensuring that all the necessary certifications have been obtained.

Assisting in Personalization: we put our technicians and designers at the buyer’s disposal, who will then be able to design his/her custom-made house according to his/her needs.

Coordinating contacts with Lawyer and Notary: we cooperate with international trusted law firms and notaries that we can put in contact with the Client or act as intermediary.

Translating official documents: we work with professionals who can offer official and certified translations in all languages.

Identifying Interpreters and Witnesses by Act: if required, we can help the Client to find Interpreters and Witnesses useful for signing the notarial deed.

Obtaining the Fiscal Code: the Fiscal Code is necessary for the purchase of a property in Italy. This code is used in all official correspondence and documentation and is issued by the Tax Revenue Agency. We will take care of the entire procedure, free of charge for the Client.

Helping in applying for a mortgage: thanks to our collaboration with solid international banking institutions, we are able to help the buyer in the process of applying for a mortgage. Over the years, we have assisted and helped many of our clients to obtain bank loans for their home purchases.

Offering support for Rental & Property Care: our task does not end with the delivery of the property, thanks to our trusted partners and experts in the field, we can offer an after-sales service to manage the rental to third parties and the management / care of the property in your absence.