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Global Assistance

Avrai Leisure experience allows to offer a global service aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction and safety. From the viewing of the property to the final notary deed, he enjoys global support on the commercial, technical and legal level to guarantee a conclusion of the purchase without unexpected events and in the greatest serenity.


Stay in Italy

Avrai Leisure staff is structured for the warm and professional welcome of its Clients that it takes great care of. For the stay you can delegate to Avrai Leisure the booking of the hotels or accomodation facilities, once providing your requests and preferences. The client, during its stay, can access continuous assistance and, from the moment of their arrival to their departure, they will have endless possibilities to appreciate the best art, the best events and the best food. 

Purchasing process

Once you found the right property, you can reserve it through a security deposit payment, that will become a regular down-payment in the phase of preliminary contract.


The preliminary contract is one of the most important moments in the purchasing process, as both parties sign a binding agreement. At this stage, it is required to the purchaser the balance of a percentage, generally between 20 and 30% of the whole purchase price. If either party should then withdraw from the sale, there will be penalties to pay: if the seller withdraws, he must pay the purchaser double the security deposit amount; if the purchaser withdraws, he forfeits all sums paid up to the date of withdrawal.

The contract contains clauses of essential importance, the most important of which concern the payment schedule, including any amounts already paid and those still to be paid, the purchaser's details, the date of the deed of sale, the verification of the seller's title and the building licences, the precise specification of the location of the property, the specification of all land registry information, servitudes and accesses relating to the property such as energy certificates and construction standards, technical floorplans signed by both parties, as well as bank guarantees in benefit of the buyer, in case of purchase of properties under construction.

A notary verifies the planning permission and the seller's title, checks that no mortgage or charge is currently outstanding on the property, and formalizes the actual deed of sale. At this stage, the purchaser is required to pay the remaining sum for the purchase of the property, as well as the notarial fee, and the registration and purchase taxes. For completion, the purchaser will need to have an Italian tax code, an Italian bank account, and a copy of his valid passport. All the necessary steps will be done with maximal and continuous assistance by Avrai Leisure.