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“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes..”                                                    Marcel Proust.

andrea lombardoni avrai


15 years’ experience in the field of real estate and vocation for human scale architectures allows us to imagine, create and requalify unique properties with tailored touch in outstanding parts of Italy.



The passion for the exploration of Italy, the Bel Paese, and the meticulous research of hidden environments to enhance.
The talent for architectural solutions with a high level of design, able to marry the exterior to the interior with fluid continuity.
The culture of authenticity that selects novel residences and atmospheres, untouched by the inflation of banality.
The respect of time that combines ancient history to contemporary tales of innovation and modernity.
The love of beauty which, between stunning views and unique landscapes, follows the path of the flavour, fashion and made in Italy style.



Hospitality is an international value but in Italy it’s something more.
It’s the consideration and the care of the guest from the visit to Italy to the handover of the property.
Friendship is a rare value but occurs often between Avrai Leisure and their buyers.
This is customized professionality, tailored advice and after sales assistance.



Experience is an irreplaceable value for offering investment opportunities, refinement of materials and certain delivery times.
Avrai Leisure includes in-depth market knowledge and a perspective view to propose high-return investments.



Sharing is a strong powerful means to move tourism towards quality.
Today Avrai Leisure has 12 international partners to convey the selection values of their real estate proposals of each individual territorial reality.


decimosesto proposta avraileisure2


schizzo cobalto


 Tailored in minimalist architecture with soft essential lines & proportions.

The style mitigated by natural tints & colors that create an equilibrium with the
luscious surrounding vegetation and nature.

The careful touch about details and materials can be sensed from distance.


Cobalto is coming soon…




  • Lars and Carin F.

    We are very happy that we decided to work with Avrai Leisure, to find a nice place for us in this wonderful country. For us it was of great importance to work with somebody who could assist not just finding an object to sell, but also give professional assistance in all necessary administration. Avrai Leisure has even remained at our disposal for advice and support after the sale, which we think is rather unique.

  • Marius and Lisa Maria I.

    Avrai Leisure was very helpful in assisting me by showing different projects and options. They made sure to make a precise description of the purchasing process, including all the legal formalities. All in all I was convinced after the demonstration of professionality of them and their way of introducing both the area and the project. After the decision of the purchase, Avrai Leisure continued to create a comforting and professional atmosphere around all the steps in the transaction and the legal issues regarding this, including the furniture of the apartment, in fact they engaged a marvellous interior designer that made a perfect job according to our decisions. They made sure to arrange a take over in due time and compliant with our pre-arranged schedule. All this reflects a genuine focus on excellent customer services where even the highest expectations may be surpassed. Thank you once again and do not hesitate to trust this company: they will do their uttermost to facilitate your objectives to acquire a new and spectacular home in Italy.

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